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On the following pages are various materials created by Dave Windhorst as well as links to other information created by various people. Scripts and Tutorials listed here are created by Dave Windhorst and are available for use (please contact and attribute appropriately). Tutorials are available in HD on Vimeo, but are not available to download at this time. Unfortunately, support for scripts beyond what is post will not be available as versions change and/or are updated (both script and respective software).

Feel free to send an email describing how the scripts or tutorials have been used/helpful by using the email form found on the CONTACT page.

-Dave W.

NOTE: All offsite materials belong to their respective owners and are not regulated nor maintained by Dave Windhorst. These materials are meant for learning/instruction and inspiration only. Dave Windhorst does not host, own, or take credit for these works - this page is merely providing a central location to research and learn from.